Product Guide: Refrigeration Gaskets

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When food temperatures are above 40℉, bacteria double in growth every 20 minutes. If you do not adequately seal your commercial refrigeration units with gaskets, you risk liability and illness with your consumers. Utilize refrigeration gaskets to maintain your unit’s internal temperature.

What are Refrigeration Gaskets?

Refrigerator gaskets are door seals for refrigeration equipment. Often made of rubber, a gasket is excellent for keeping cool air inside the unit and keeping warm air out of the unit. Refrigerator gaskets come in a variety of styles. You can find them as push-in, screw-in, snap-in, and magnetic.

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Regardless of the style, a gasket lines the entire door and serves two purposes. The first is that they maintain the internal temperature of the unit. The second is that they prevent damage from slamming doors. Their soft rubber construction is excellent at sealing the door and closing quietly.

Why Should You Use Gaskets?

Gaskets are exceptional at maintaining the internal temperature of the refrigeration unit. They do this by sealing off excess warm air from the environment. The refrigeration unit can condense the internal air to cooler temperatures and preserve the food within with this seal.

If a refrigerator or freezer does not have a gasket on the door frame, you risk spoiling your food and overworking your unit. Without a proper seal, the unit cannot condense the air quickly enough. A refrigerator should never have an internal temperature higher than 40℉. At this temperature, bacteria multiply rapidly and speedily spoils food, thus making it unsafe to eat.

Who Should Use Gaskets?

All refrigerator and freezer units come with gaskets. However, as with most things, replacement is necessary. Timely replacing a gasket is essential for all businesses. Whether you own a convenience store, supermarket, or restaurant, you should be using gaskets on your cooling units. You should regularly check a gasket for dryness, holes, tears, and other types of wear that come with use. Once a gasket is damaged, there is no repair option other than replacing the gasket itself.

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Refrigeration gaskets are essential pieces of equipment in the food industry. They are excellent at preserving temperature and reducing the noise of slamming doors. With consistent maintenance and inspection, your refrigeration units will be running smoothly.

If you need minor repairs on gaskets and hinges, PGS can help you. With decades of experience in the refrigeration world, we know a thing or two about maintenance. Contact us today to see how we can help.