Commercial Refrigeration Parts: Benefits of Manufacturing in the United States

manufactured in the usa

What do the companies Anthony, Ardco, Gemtron, Hussman, Jamison, ProGasket, and Skyline all have in common? These companies manufacture their products in the US.

Manufacturing is the backbone of America’s workforce and has been for several decades. Although more companies seem to send their factory jobs overseas for tax breaks, some keep their manufacturing in the States.

When you order commercial refrigeration parts from ProGasket, you experience the several benefits of using “Made in the USA” products.

Benefit #1: Supporting Your Fellow American

When you spend money on refrigerator parts, a business always finds a way to earn money, but the employees could suffer from low wages–not in America.

Purchasing American-made parts supports a business and the employee.

unit labor cost
Image Source: McKinsey & Company

Every purchase you make helps people keep their jobs, raise their families, and improves the economy. Every dollar you spend on manufactured goods made in America puts $2.47 back into the economy.

Benefit #2: Environmentally Friendly

All American factories emit 5.2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the air. Although this sounds insurmountable, ocean carriers emit over 1 billion metric tons each year.

If your company switches from overseas manufacturing to American-made products, you support an eco-friendly option and help save our planet.

Benefit #3: Better Quality Control

One of the most frustrating parts about running a business is waiting weeks for parts to get in and finding them broken, poorly made, or the wrong size.

You don’t have time for this nonsense.

quality control

When you work with American businesses, you have better quality control from the manufacturer because of the laws to protect consumers.

Without these laws, manufacturers aren’t held responsible.

Benefit #4: Shorter Waiting Periods

Since American factories don’t need to ship overseas and wait at loading docks, you’ll experience shorter waiting periods and better shipping costs after ordering your supplies.

Not only will shorter waiting periods helps your business grow, but it will keep your customers happy since they can trust you always to have your supplies on hand.

Additionally, if there is an issue with the order, returns are more accessible and cost-effective.


Working with American manufacturers is one of the best ways to improve the economy. You help fellow Americans, commit to eco-friendly business practices, and promptly provide your customers with the supplies they need.

At PGS, we pride ourselves on providing you with the best quality products made in the USA. Work with us today to experience the difference American-made products have on your business.