Product Guide: Door Closers

door closer

An open door is unsafe and leaves your business at risk. Without the proper equipment, your refrigerator doors can stay open for hours, costing you money and spoiling your food before customers can get to it.

So whether you’re looking to repair a front entryway or a refrigerator door, make sure the door closer operates appropriately.


Door closers are the best tools available for ensuring your cooler doors close after use.

The two-arm design is ideal for doors that swing open. The rod props the door open, and upon release, it slowly closes the door.

door closer 1


The plate controls the door closing rate and helps prevent slamming and damage to the frame, glass, and gaskets.


door closer 2


Adjusting the amount of pressure to seal the door makes the door closer function on a predictable pattern, which helps you know when something is broken and needs repairs.


Door closers are excellent for high-traffic areas. Because they easily open and softly close, you don’t have to worry about extensive damage when you correctly set the rod and plate.

Not every door in your store needs a door closer. Focus on areas where employees and customers use the doors the most. The areas with the most use suffer the most damage, so if a door closer can prevent some of those problems, it’s worth it.

Benefits and Work Arounds

Door closers are excellent tools in your store. Although customers may not realize when you have them, they know when the closers are missing because people are accustomed to seeing them used on refrigeration units.

Door closers provide benefits such as:

  1. Reducing wear and tear
  2. Preventing damage
  3. Customers can quickly prop open the door and close it with full hands

As great as these tools are for your business, there are a few things you need to watch for to prepare workarounds.

  1. These devices can be expensive to replace, so you must ensure you grease them to prevent shortened lifespans.
  2. Rust can form on the metallic pieces, especially in locations with a lot of moisture, like refrigeration and freezer units. Although rust can indicate other problems, like frost buildup, make sure you conduct routine inspections to prevent further damage and contamination of food.

When you install a door closer, you improve your business’s operation and make the shopping and working experience better for your customers and employees.

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