Product Guide: Walk-In Curtain Kits

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When a door closes, it can generate 40 tons of pressure alongside the hinges. This force can amputate a finger, break a bone, and severely bruise someone’s hand. Instead of using dangerous doors in your facilities, you need to invest in curtain kits. Walk-in curtain kits are excellent options for doorways and are economical and safe.

What are Strip Curtain Kits?

Walk-in curtain kits are PVC hanging doors that replace rigid, traditional doors. When segmented into strips, a curtain serves as a wall and an entry for all refrigeration and freezer units. Walk-in curtain kits hang above the door frame and drape down to the ground. Each of the strips overlaps the neighboring strip for complete coverage.

A strip curtain kit traps cold air inside the unit and keeps the warmer air in the surrounding environment from leaking inside. This design keeps the food and beverages in the refrigerator or freezer cold and prevents bacteria from growing.

Why Should You Use These Kits?

Curtain kits are excellent options for walk-in coolers. While a door with gaskets can do a similar job, the curtain requires no opening or closing. Therefore, employees can enter and exit the walk-in cooler without worrying about leaving a door open.

Similarly, businesses reserve curtain kits for back-of-house locations. Refrigeration units in the central shopping location will use gaskets. Since restaurants and supermarkets reserve walk-in refrigerators and freezers for mass storage, the strip curtain allows forklifts and hand trucks to access the area quickly.

Strip curtains are economical options for more extensive storage units. Their thick PVC construction and overlapping design keep cool air in the unit. This feature saves you money on your electrical bill. Likewise, because curtains are flexible and quickly move out of the way, you do not need to replace them as often as gaskets which suffer abuse every time someone opens the door.

Who Should Use These Kits?

Curtains are the wise decision for restaurants and larger grocery stores looking to keep food and beverages cold in the back of the store. However, businesses in the food industry are not the only ones who can benefit from curtain kits. Retail stores, postal shipping stores, and any other businesses that have mass storage units would benefit from curtain kits.

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Walk-in curtain kits set the bar high when it comes to flexibility, economy, and versatility. They require minimal maintenance and save you money. If you are looking for mass storage facility door options, your best bet is to outfit the entryway with a curtain.

If you need assistance installing your curtain kit or need replacement and maintenance, contact PGS. We would be happy to help.