Product Guide: Hold Opens

For many shoppers, one of the most annoying things to experience at a grocery store is a broken refrigerator or freezer door. As a store owner, you must repair and fix these broken doors. Not only do they serve as a nuisance for your consumers, but a fractured hold open is a fire and safety hazard. Understanding the inner workings of the hold-open is essential in knowing when to repair it and when to replace it.

What Is a Hold-Open?

Hold opens, also known as door closers, are simple gadgets that keep a refrigerator unit’s door open while a consumer is shopping.

hold open

Hold opens come in a variety of styles. You can use magnetic, electric, or manual hold opens. At PGS, we specialize in repairing and replacing manual hold opens. This type of door closer is the simplest because it uses two braces and an arm to open the door and close it.

Why Use a Hold-Open?

Any door that consumers frequently use should have a hold open. A hold-open makes grocery shopping much more convenient for the consumer. Instead of a shopper propping the door open with a cart, basket, or leg, the hold-open will naturally keep the door open without intruding on the shopping experience.

Additionally, a manual hold-open is an efficient and economical solution to this problem. Most manual door closers cost between $100 – $200, much less than the competitors.

When to Repair and When to Replace?

Depending on the type of hold-open you use for your refrigerators, you may need to replace it every time something breaks. Fortunately, when you use manual devices, the problems are easy to repair.

Since a manual device has three pieces, the repairmen can quickly perform the service without slowing down business. However, sometimes replacement is necessary.

For example, if the refrigeration unit’s hold-opens begin to rust from condensation, it is no longer safe to use them. Not only do you need to replace the door closers, but you need to check your gaskets as well.


Hold opens are excellent mechanical systems that make consumers’ lives much more accessible. To make the best use of your time and resources, use manual hold opens. These pieces are simple to repair, replace and are a cost-effective option.

The next time you need to replace hold opens, contact PGS. We will meet all your small repair needs.