Common Commercial Refrigeration Issues

ice build up

Think about the last time you walked down the grocery store aisle and heard some humming and buzzing from your refrigerators. The noise was a little louder than usual, but you didn’t overthink it. The slightly more audible buzzing has led to ice build-up and other problems as time passed. Whether your refrigeration system is dealing with temperature control issues, ice build-up, or a broken door frame, you must address these common issues for commercial refrigeration. But with a business schedule and trying to run a business, things fall through the cracks and are forgotten. That’s where PGS can help. We conduct routine maintenance checks on your commercial refrigeration equipment to ensure the refrigeration systems function properly. We check many things, including temperature, ice, and the condition of the door frames.

Temperature Control

Commercial refrigerator systems maintain an internal temperature in two ways. The first is through the use of gaskets. Gaskets keep warm air from entering the unit, but if it is broken or old, it leads to poor air ventilation. The second way is by the compressor. A compressor circulates the refrigerant to keep the unit cool and to stabilize proper temperature. A malfunctioning compressor leads to an overheating unit that spoils food and beverages.

Ice Buildup

Ice build-up is a little trickier to find without routine maintenance. Ice can build up in tubing, cause issues with the compressor, or clog the drain pan.

ice build up

If you don’t conduct regular checks on your commercial refrigeration systems, then you aren’t likely to notice a build-up of ice before it damages your unit.

Broken Door Frame

Manufacturers make commercial refrigerator door frames of glass, metal, and plastic components. While these doors last several years, they are the most used part of the unit. Consumers are constantly opening and closing the doors.

broken door

Unfortunately, some doors are not closed gently enough, and they slam close. Even though a door has a hold open that slowly closes the door, if a consumer tries hard enough, they can crack the glass and damage the hinges.


Common refrigerator repairs should be simple and easy. Whether it’s a door frame, ice build-up, or temperature control, PGS can help you keep your units running and save you money. The next time you need help with your commercial refrigerators, contact us to schedule an appointment.