PGS provides retailers with a full service “Small Parts” PM program that addresses all the parts that our refrigeration companies tend to overlook or are just too busy to deal with. Most retailers have neglected the parts we specialize in for years, so the need for PGS is extreme.

Our Techs and surveying teams are in stores every day.  We will root out and find all the parts that are worn, missing or are degrading. We will perform a “Smart Check” survey identifying all the needed repairs.  We will then provide a cost to those repairs and follow the direction of our customers on how they want to address these repairs.

Addressing the Repairs: We understand that repairing all the neglected parts in one swoop may not meet the budgets allocated with these types of repairs.  Because of budgets, PGS has developed a great program that works within budgetary restraints.  Identifying needed repairs is step 1.  Step 2 is being able to financially afford the repairs. Chipping away at the repairs on a monthly service will take time time, but ultimately your stores will be operating at its best capabilities.

The PM program by PGS is the best way to micro-manage your equipment.

Free Consultation

We are always willing to provide free estimates and initial surveys of your stores.

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