Smart Check

Smart Check is the supermarket industry’s most comprehensive survey program for refrigeration “Small Parts”.  During the PGS Smart Check, our team identifies all missing, worn, or broken components of refrigeration case doors, frames, and walk-in coolers/freezers. If the door doesn’t stay open when needed, close properly, heat properly, or seal up properly, we will identify the problem and note the repairs needed to remedy the issue.
Each part is identified on a door-by-door basis.  Our customers are able to identify all needed repairs and all completed repairs on a door-by-door basis.  This information is a great snapshot into the overall health of the equipment.  We also use this data to forecast upcoming repairs and remaining repairs.
A Smart Check survey is performed after every visit to the store and re-submitted for review.  This is a proven process that gives facility managers true control over the parts that are typically overlooked and/or neglected.
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Parts & Service Desk

NEW! PGS announces its new Parts and Service Desk.  This new service will feature:
  • Dedicated Toll Free HOTLINE for phone in orders
  • Dedicated Text line for on the go orders
  • Dedicated email address for direct order processing
  • Full time staff members manning the desk for part verification and installation assistance

Large Install Program

Our Large Install Program consists of a systematic process we have developed over the past ten years. Here is how this program works:

  • Customer identifies a region of stores needing repairs
  • PGS deploys the “Smart Check” survey team to identify all missing/broken/worn parts Customer evaluates the “Smart Check” report and provides a PO for the bulk of stores
  • PGS installation team loads trailers full of parts identified as needing replacement
  • PGS team installs all parts per PO
  • PGS “Smart Check” is again performed on the entire store after install
  • Remaining parts will be addressed at a later date when customer allows

The Large Install teams all deploy for our home office in Van Buren Arkansas. This seasoned team of installers circle the US nearly 300 days a year. These installs are performed on the biggest retailers in the world.