Choosing the Right Commercial Refrigeration Parts

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It’s best to have maintenance come out every quarter to six months to get the most out of your commercial refrigeration units. And while that is an excellent rule of thumb, not every issue can wait a couple of months. Sometimes problems need immediate fixing. That’s where PGS comes in to help. While we offer repair services, we also sell parts to businesses in need. To know what you need, you should first run diagnostics to determine the problem, measure how much material you need, and order from PGS.

Run Diagnostics to Determine the Problem

A refrigerator has many pieces that can easily break or malfunction. Running a diagnostic is the best way to figure out the problem and plausible solution when something is not working. You can either figure it out yourself or reach out to us to help you.

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PGS offers a program called Smart Check Surveying. When PGS technicians enter your store, they run checks on all refrigeration equipment to ensure everything is working correctly. The technician will document their findings and the necessary repair if something is off. The Smart Check is a great way to ensure problems don’t slip through the cracks.

Measure Everything Twice

When you run a diagnostic test and determine the problem, you may find you need a new curtain kit or gasket. Before you order your new commercial refrigerator parts, measure everything twice. Also, take note of the manufacturer and type of part currently used. If you can find the exact piece online, you can easily find your replacement. If the part is no longer available, you will need to find another manufacturer that offers a similar piece of equipment.

Order Parts From PGS

And now to the easiest part of the process. Once you know the problem and how to fix it, it’s time to order your refrigeration parts and accessories. Use your measurements to request the right amount of material. We always recommend ordering a little extra if you make a wrong cut or a measurement is slightly off.

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With nationwide delivery, you will get your parts promptly from a reliable company. We only offer products made in the US, so you never have to worry about sketchy delivery fees or delayed shipping.


Ordering replacement refrigeration equipment shouldn’t be a hassle. Work with PGS to save you time and money. We run safety checks and monitor your systems for you. If you decide to run a diagnostic test on your own, make sure you visit our website to order your new parts. We are proud to serve you in any way you need. Explore our website today to learn more.