Why You May Need a Bigger Walk-In Unit?

large walk-in unit

The average restaurant should have 1.5 cubic feet of storage space for every meal they serve daily. This amount of space ensures you can properly store all the food you need.

But what happens when your business grows and your service numbers exceed your storage capacity?

You need a bigger walk-in unit, but there are a few things to consider before buying a brand new cooler.

A larger walk-in cooler drastically improves your storage capacity and helps you serve more customers.

But before purchasing a new unit, consider these tell-tale signs to ensure you need one–after all, high-quality units cost several thousand dollars. So you want to make sure you genuinely need one before purchasing.

Signs You Need A New Unit

As you walk around your restaurant or store over the next several weeks, pay close attention to a few things. You know you want a new cooler, but do you need it? Use these criteria to help you determine your needs.

  • How many pounds of spoiled food are you throwing out?
  • Has your electrical bill increased over the last several months?
  • Are you running out of menu options due to a lack of storage space?

rotten food

If you are throwing out an excess of food before you can cook it and your bills increase each month, you need to look into a new unit.

Essential Considerations Before Purchase

Before purchasing the first unit you find online, you need to determine what your business can afford regarding price and space.

What Are You Willing to Pay?

Units vary in price because of quality and longevity. Consider how long you’ve been in business and cross-check it with your projected income.

How Much Room Do You Need?

Using the simple calculation previously mentioned, you can figure the size you need–1.5 cubic feet of storage space per meal served.

storage room

So if you serve 1,000 guests per day, you need 1,500 cubic feet of storage room.

What Is Your Electrical Budget?

Compare your recent electrical expenses with your budget. A larger unit will require more power, but it will also save you money because you’re not throwing away food, which means you can serve more guests.

Preserve Your Cooler With the Best Care

Once you purchase your new walk-in unit, it’s best to hire a maintenance team to ensure your unit has the longest life possible. At PGS, we can help you monitor, repair, and replace small parts on your units and save you unnecessary work.