When to Replace a Reach-in Cooler Door

reach in cooler door replacement

The most common refrigerator door is the reach-in cooler door. We find these doors in convenience stores, supermarkets, and restaurants. Consumers access these doors frequently, so repair and damage are bound to happen.

Learning the right time to replace your reach-in cooler door can differentiate between saving money and throwing away spoiled food.

Why Should You Replace These Doors?

Cooler doors are more than access points to the contents–they assist with temperature control and preservation. So, if your doors break, you risk spoiling food, dripping condensation on the ground, and losing customers who are upset about the conditions.

Signs It’s Time to Replace a Commercial Refrigerator Door

After installing a new commercial refrigerator, you probably aren’t thinking about its replacement anytime soon. But as units age and go through several repairs, it’s essential to have a plan that addresses each need.

Unfortunately, doors are often overlooked and receive minimal attention and care–as long as the gaskets are suitable, they should work. Well, not exactly. Some other concerns would require repair.

Sign #1: Broken Glass

Although this might sound obvious, it’s common for stores to keep broken glass around their customers.

cooler condensation

Employees put caution tape around the door and empty the contents to prevent accidents, but this is not enough. The door needs immediate replacement.

Sign #2: Condensation

There are a few reasons for condensation on the door, and one of them is that your door is leaking cold air. When cold and warm air meets, they condense and form ice buildup. Condensation is a sign of a much bigger problem you should immediately address.

cooler condensation

Although the condensation can come from damaged gaskets, it’s possible for the door frame to be crooked or to have loose hinges. Closely inspect your doors when you find condensation to determine whether you need a repair or replacement.

Sign #3: Overuse

Your business’s reach-in coolers are some of the most used appliances in the store. After hundreds and thousands of customers walk by and grab food or drinks out of the units, the doors begin to wear down. If you find that food is spoiling sooner than it should, your door could be suffering from overuse or old age and needs replacing.


Reach-in refrigeration units are essential pieces of equipment. Due to their high use, the doors on these units suffer the most abuse and damage–including broken glass, condensation, and overuse.

When these doors need repair or replacement, take care of them immediately. Otherwise, you risk spoiled food and workplace accidents. If you need help, contact PGS. We can assist you and take care of the replacement.