Types of Commercial Refrigeration Units & Their Benefits

types of commercial refrigeration

In 2020, the prepackaged food market reached $996.56 billion. With all this ready-to-eat food available, businesses need to have the means and refrigeration methods to serve their consumers. Although all refrigeration units do the same thing, there are many different shapes, sizes, and purposes.

Due to variability, you must consider commercial refrigeration equipment and its benefits. This article will go over the three most popular units you can use to improve your business.

Walk-in Refrigerators

Ideal for beer caves and kitchens in restaurants, walk-in coolers are excellent at holding large amounts of stock and maintaining temperature. This commercial refrigeration unit is large enough to stack shelves of goods.

Because this commercial refrigerator holds a lot of food, their motors work hard to maintain the internal temperature. So even though employees or customers might walk in and out of your cold storage equipment hundreds of times per day, you can trust your food and beverages are cold.

Reach-in Units

One of the most common types of commercial refrigeration equipment, the reach-in refrigerator, is everywhere–restaurants with self-serve bottles, supermarkets, convenience stores, and bars. Unlike the refrigerators we have at home, reach-in commercial refrigerators have a glass door, making it easier for consumers to see what’s in stock without opening the door and releasing the cold air.

reach in refrigerator

But not all reach-ins have glass doors. If a restaurant or bar uses reach-in coolers in the kitchen, they will probably have insulated steel doors. These doors hold the internal temperature better than glass and preserve food for longer.

Over-the-Counter Units

Over-the-counter units are a common feature in many grocery stores and coffee shops. Whether they have a glass cover or are open-air, these units keep food cold from the bottom and allow easy access by an employee or customer.

Customers love over-the-counter units because they can see what’s in stock and easily order their food. They can grab a drink, sandwich, or snack in coffee shops and bring it to the counter to checkout.

over the counter refrigerator

But not all over-the-counter units are near cash registers. Supermarkets use these commercial refrigeration systems in between wall units and aisles. They can sell meat, dairy, or other goods in these vast basins and trust that the food will remain cold.


Food and beverage companies can choose from several refrigeration systems, but the three main ones are walk-in, reach-in, and over-the-counter. You can serve your community and keep consumers happy with high-quality foods and drinks with these three types. If you require commercial refrigeration systems and need repairs, PGS can help with all small parts.