The Importance of Recycling Refrigeration Gaskets


Every year, people throw out over 9 million refrigerators into landfills. Thankfully, most of the metal and plastic are recycled, but so much more is left to decompose and release greenhouse gases. Refrigerators have chemically laced foam and gaskets that are hardly recycled, if ever. To preserve our resources and keep the earth clean, we need to recycle refrigeration gaskets.

3 Ways to Repurpose Refrigerator Gaskets

When a restaurant’s refrigerator or freezer gasket begins to break down and lose its seal, you need to replace them. However, replacing them does not mean you need to throw them out. Instead of throwing out the old gaskets, look for ways to repurpose the gasket.

refrigeration gasket

#1: Bumper Guards

While a gasket may no longer hold a refrigerator door shut, it can still keep employees safe from sharp corners and edges around the workplace. A gasket’s main job is to keep cold air in, but the soft texture doubles as a barrier and protective shield. Place old gaskets on the corners of countertops and shelves to keep employees safe from pokes and scrapes.

#2: Slip Prevention

If you have a collection of old gaskets, you can create a rubber mat. Whether you stitch the gaskets together or secure them into a piece of wood, the gaskets can help employees stay safe, primarily if they work around water. The raised edges and rubberized grip will help workers stay on their feet and allow the water to run off between the gaskets.

#3: Noise Reduction

Gaskets help keep the refrigerator doors from slamming shut just as much as keeping the cool air inside the unit. Supermarkets have gone through millions of gaskets over the years. Instead of tossing the gaskets in the garbage, the supermarkets can line their shopping cart lanes with the gaskets to reduce noise and collision. The noise from the carts will significantly lessen when they bump into rubber and plastic gaskets instead of brick, concrete, and metal.

shopping carts


In the refrigeration business, replacing gaskets is necessary to run your business and keep food cold. Reusing old gaskets is a great way to save money and the planet. When you replace a gasket, try using the old one as a bumper guard for slip prevention and to reduce noise. And for all your gasket repair needs, contact PGS. We have years of gasket repair experience and use only American-made products.