How to Make Commercial Refrigeration Repairs Less Expensive

inexpensive repairs

Equipment maintenance is a recurring expense for all businesses. But in the food industry, your business lives and dies by the quality of your equipment.

If you let old, faulty equipment spoil your food, you won’t make enough money to stay in business. With the correct business practices, you can minimize the cost of refrigerator repairs and save money.

3 Ways to Save Money on Repairs

Although repairs are necessary over time, use these three methods to save money and get the most value out of your commercial refrigerators.

#1: Keep Evaporator and Condenser Coils Clean

Refrigerators can’t keep food cold if the condenser and evaporator coils are filthy. Regularly clean the coils to keep them in the best shape possible so that when the time comes for repairs, the cost is minimal.

#2: Replace Old Equipment

Over time, manufacturers find ways to improve refrigeration equipment.

old equipment

An old unit is not only smaller, but it is less energy-efficient, which costs you money in the long run. As your units hit 15-20 years of age, consider replacing them to improve your business’s energy-saving methods.

#3: Set Units to Correct Temperature

One of the easiest and least labor-intensive ways to save money on fridge repair costs is to set your unit to the correct temperature. Most foods and beverages do well at 38℉–any higher and bacteria starts to grow. Set your freezers for 0℉ to preserve your food and keep it fresh.

Once you set the temperature in your units, put a different thermometer in the fridge to read the temperature.


If the numbers align, great, but if not, you want to check other areas of concern, like the gaskets, coils, and drip pan.

Consider Hiring Repair Services

As previously mentioned, repairs are inevitable, but repair costs don’t have to be overwhelming. With the proper care, you can save money in the long run by spending the extra effort to check on your units routinely.

If you want to avoid untimely refrigerator repair costs, consider working with an appliance repair service, like PGS. Our technicians will schedule visits to monitor your equipment, ensure that everything works properly, and inform you of significant concerns.