Smart Check is the supermarket industry’s most comprehensive survey program for refrigeration “Small Parts”.  During the PGS Smart Check, our team identifies all missing, worn, or broken components of refrigeration case doors, frames, and walk-in coolers/freezers. If the door doesn’t stay open when needed, close properly, heat properly, or seal up properly, we will identify the problem and note the repairs needed to remedy the issue.
Each part is identified on a door-by-door basis.  Our customers are able to identify all needed repairs and all completed repairs on a door-by-door basis.  This information is a great snapshot into the overall health of the equipment.  We also use this data to forecast upcoming repairs and remaining repairs.
A Smart Check survey is performed after every visit to the store and re-submitted for review.  This is a proven process that gives facility managers true control over the parts that are typically overlooked and/or neglected.


ProGasket Removes the Hassle and Boosts Performance with Smart Check!

ProGasket’s Smart Check program is a one-step, one-price way to ensure that you have high-performing refrigeration gaskets in all your equipment, throughout the year. Smart Check saves you time, energy and money – and protects your profits.



Smart Check Includes:

  • An on-site inspection of all refrigeration doors, with bar-coding for gasket identification and warranty tracking
  • A detailed digital report with the inspection results, as well as details on any associated costs required to address issues discovered in the inspection
  • Professional installation with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor
  • A FREE yearly inspection to check all warranty gaskets and replacement if required
  • A FREE annual historical report on the work and gasket performance for each store

Smart Check Advantages:

  • Increase your profits with reduced energy use, downtime and product loss.
  • Maximize your impact with historical reporting data on all your gaskets

Smart Check Facts:

  • Every 10% reduction in energy use increases your profits by 16%
  • Refrigeration accounts for 43% of grocery retailers’ electrical costs
  • Reliable gaskets save you money and prevent energy loss!

Make a smart investment in strong gasket performance with Smart Check today!

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