Types of Commercial Refrigeration Doors


By 2018, there were nearly 40,000 supermarkets in the US. All supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants have dozens, if not hundreds, of cold storage units, the types of doors needed are constantly growing and changing. While all cooler doors have the same purpose–maintain the unit’s internal temperature and provide access–they operate differently. The first step to knowing which door is best for you is understanding their differences and benefits.

Sliding Glass Door

One of the most common types is the sliding glass door. It is a high-quality door for larger areas where people need access to several items at once. Many businesses use a sliding freezer door because it has better energy efficiency than other types. It takes a lot of energy to maintain frozen temperatures, so fewer open doors help prevent warm air from entering the unit. Plus, sliding doors do not need to open fully for access, unlike hinged doors.

Hinged Door

The most common type of commercial refrigerator door is the hinged door. Hinged refrigerated doors are everywhere because they come in at a competitive price.

refrigeration units

One of the main reasons businesses use hinged doors is because they are easy to install, repair, and find replacement doors. You can easily remove them for cleaning or repair since they sit between two hinges and are not on a track.

Automatic Door (Rolling)

For a wide array of coolers and storage units, automatic rolling doors are the best because their wide frame lets you operate vehicles, like forklifts, to carry large loads in and out. However, that’s not the only good reason for automatic doors.

rolling door

In the service, food processing, and manufacturing industries, walk-in freezers and refrigerators should have rolling doors as a proven safety measure since they can’t accidentally lock and are hands-free. Similarly, with walk-in units, it’s much easier for multiple customers or employees to move about a larger unit with a rolling door than to move about a unit with a sliding or hinged door.


Choosing the right cooler doors for your business is an important decision. All of them are industry quality, durable, and easy to replace. But above all, they have gaskets. And with gaskets come repairs and replacement. After spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on your commercial refrigeration doors and hardware, only trust the best to fix them. PGS specializes in small-part repairs for commercial refrigeration units.