a close up picture of a storeThere are many ways to save energy in a supermarket. LED lighting, solar panels, high efficiency motors, no heat doors, auto closers, etc…We can go on and on about the many products that are readily available for retrofit or replacement. What is never talked about is the parts that are not functioning properly or working at all.
My company specializes in all those small parts that get overlooked and passed up on, but shouldn’t they be looked at first?
Budgeting for a massive retrofit to save energy? How about saving energy by maintaining the equipment you already have? So often we go to a store and find hundreds of bad parts, that are either missing, broken or just worn down. All those parts are engineered to work for a purpose, but most retailers neglect them, or do not have plans in place to repair them. If this sounds like your store(s), Progasket Solutions is the answer. We survey and identify all these parts for free. We do everything on refrigeration units besides the refrigerant issues. We are not refrigeration Tech’s, we are the industries Handy-men who specialize in all the “small parts”. We work tirelessly everyday in hundreds of stores across the nation. Our employees are based in 20+ states currently and we are adding to that number daily. We can help!