Service and Parts Department Now Open

Jan. 1, 2021, PGS unveils its new Service and Parts Department.  This new department will work closely with refrigeration Techs from all over the country.  The Service department is headed by long time veteran employee Perry Willmon and newcomer Jacob Scott.  Perry’s years of industry and parts knowledge accompanied by Jacob’s customer service expertise is sure to impress.

“There has been a void in our industry for strong customer support for many years. Our goal is to provide our customers with excellent service, products, and support so that we become the number one choice for replacement parts”, says owner Kevin Wilson.

Perry Willmon

The team at PGS is proud to offer multiple ways to order parts, via the website, phone, text, or email.  “Allowing Techs to simply text in an order becomes a great tool for those who simply want to place an order and keep moving.  Our ease of use and quick customer service will be the key to our success.  Going to our website on your mobile phone, you can press the TEXT button to send us a text.  Simply tell us what you are looking for and we will take care of the rest.”, says Jacob Scott.

“Filling your order and providing the parts you need is just part our service.  I have been a part of this industry for many years, so if you need any assistance on figuring out which parts are needed or how to install a particular part, I can help! We can also connect you to one of our installation Tech’s to help with installation questions.”, says Perry.

This is truly a Service and Parts department ready and willing to impress.  Knowledge, parts, and customer service is a great way to start 2021. PGS works hard to provide their customers with the unparalleled performance.

A stocked warehouse full of parts and gaskets are ready to be ship to all corners of the U.S.  Hold Opens, Torque Masters, Strip Curtains, Gaskets of all types, and much more.

Call – (833)496-1036

TEXT – (479)806-0236