ProGasket Removes the Hassle and Boosts Performance with Smart Check ProGasket’s Smart Check program is a one-step, one-price way to ensure that you have high-performing refrigeration gaskets in all your equipment, throughout the year. Smart Check saves you time, energy and money – and protects your profits.

Smart Check Includes:

An on-site inspection of all refrigeration doors, with bar-coding for gasket identification and warranty tracking

 A detailed digital report with the inspection results, as well as details on any associated costs required to address issues discovered in the inspection

 Professional installation with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor

 A FREE yearly inspection to check all warranty gaskets and replacement if required

 A FREE annual historical report on the work and gasket performance for each store

Smart Check Advantages:

Increase your profits with reduced energy use, downtime and product loss.
√ Maximize your impact with historical reporting data on all your gaskets

Smart Check Facts:

√ Every 10% reduction in energy use increases your profits by 16%
√ Refrigeration accounts for 43% of grocery retailers’ electrical costs
Reliable gaskets save you money and prevent energy loss!

Make a smart investment in strong gasket performance with Smart Check today!